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unit 10 finance hw

Please answer the following math problemsIf the spot rate was $1.0075/C$ and the 90-day forward rate was $1.0185/C$, how much more (in U.S. dollars) would you receive by selling C$1,384,000 at the forward rate than at the spot rate?Additional revenue$ =The foreign exchange department at Tokyo’s Daiwa Bank quoted the spot rate on the euro at €0.007165/¥. The 90-day forward rate is quoted at a premium of 5.30 percent on the euro. What is the 90-day forward rate? (Round answer to 6 decimal places, e.g. 15.251945. Use 360 days for calculation.)Forward rate€/________¥Blossom Equipment purchased machinery from a Japanese firm and must make a payment of ¥213,250,000 in 45 days. The bank quotes a forward rate of ¥100.00/$ to buy the required yen. What is the cost to Blossom in U.S. dollars? (Round answer to 2 decimal places, e.g. 15.25.)Cost of equipment$ =Wildhorse, Inc., sold equipment to an Irish firm and will receive €1,339,300 in 30 days. If the company entered a forward contract to sell at the 30-day forward rate of $1.3095/€, what is the dollar revenue received? (Round answer to 2 decimal places, e.g. 15.25.)Revenue received$ =Sheridan Pharma just received revenues of $3,163,700 in Australian dollars (A$). Management has the following exchange rates: A$2.69000/£ and $1.5906/£. What is the U.S. dollar value of the company’s revenues? (Round intermediate calculation to 4 decimal places, e.g. 15.2578 and final answer to the nearest whole dollar, e.g. 5,275.)Revenue$ =Venkat Ram purchased a pair of dress shoes in Italy for €131.25. If the spot exchange rate is $1.5621/€, what did the shoes cost in dollars? (Round your final answer to two decimal places.)€131.25$205.03€84.02$84.02Given the following quotes, calculate the €/£ cross rate. (Round answer to 4 decimal places, e.g. 15.2578. Do not enter currency sumbols in your answer.)Bank of America$1.670/£JP Morgan Chase$1.3859/€Cross rate€/_______£Trident Corp. recently purchased machinery parts worth 23.5 million Mexican Pesos (MP). Management needs to know the U.S. dollar cost of the payables. It has access to two quotes for Canadian dollars (C$): C$1.0774/$ and C$0.0981/MP. What will it cost Trident to purchase 23.5 million Mexican pesos? (Do not round your intermediate calculations. Round your final answer to the nearest dollar.)$1,987,325$2,305,350$2,531,890$2,139,735Bartman, Corp. observes that the Swiss franc (SF) is quoted at $0.6164/SF, while the Swedish krona (SK) is quoted at $0.1981/SK. What is the SK/SF cross rate? (Round your final answer to four decimal places.)SK0.3214/SFSK2.1467/SFSK3.1116/SFSK0.4183/SFBank of America quoted the 180-day forward rate on the Japanese yen at $0.009702/¥. The spot rate was quoted at $0.009466/¥. What is the forward premium or discount on the Japanese yen? (Round your final answer to the nearest percentage.)7% premium5% discount5% premium7% discount

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