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Unit 2 Safety Supervisor

QUESTION 1Which      of the following statements is FALSE?Adults learn best when they choose the training they   receive.Adults learn best when they are in a flexible learning   environment.Adults learn best when they have a chance to voice   concerns and see them addressed.Adults learn best when they are passive receivers of   information.QUESTION 2Which      of the following is NOT a method of group training discussed in the      textbook?BrainstormingCoaching/mentoringRole playingSimulationQUESTION 3When      should safety and health training begin with a new employee?When the person is hiredAfter a week of orientationDuring the interviewWhen the person’s work is evaluatedQUESTION 4Which      of the following is NOT one of the three types of behavior?Other-directedSelf-directedAutocraticAutomaticQUESTION 5Which      of the following is NOT one of the roles associated with the safety      professional?Conducting trainingPurchasing materials from vendorsContracting with a trainerDictating policyQUESTION 6The      author of the textbook discusses development of a training program. Which      of the following is NOT one of the phases in the program?Materials acquisitionReview the work manualDeliveryDesignQUESTION 7An OJT      variant is __________.JSAPPEJITPSAQUESTION 8Which      of the following is NOT one of the 10 sequential questions asked in aBBS incident?Can the task be simplified?What kind of training is needed?Was can the task be redesigned to reduce physical demands?Is there a skill discrepancy?QUESTION 9There      are __________ specific benefits of behavior-based safety.2345QUESTION 10At      which stage of DO IT is directing with activators and motivating with      consequences critical?DefineObserveInterveneTest

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