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Unit 3 project SAD

InstructionsSheena’s Backyard Plant SalesSheena grows three types of plants: desert rose, plumeria, and oleander. She sells her plants in her backyard and has hired your company to create a system for her to use to manage her business.For the desert roses and plumerias, she sells the seedlings at $5.00 each. She sells the small plants for $10.00 each, the medium-sized plants for $12.50 each, and the large-sized plants for $20.00 each.The desert roses come in six colors: red, pink, pale pink, purple, white, and yellow.The plumerias come in three colors: deep red, pink, and yellow.For the oleanders, she sells the small plants for $8.00 each, the medium-sized plants for $15.00 each, and the large-sized plants for $26.00 each.The oleanders come in five colors: red, orange, pink, white, and yellow.Whenever Sheena has a sale, she uses a spreadsheet to record the customer’s first and last name, address, phone number, email address, and items sold. If they are a repeat customer, Sheena will give them a 5% discount on their order. Customers pay Sheena in cash or through Venmo.The spreadsheet is getting a bit tedious to keep up with and allows a lot of room for error. Below are Sheena’s requirements for the new system that your company will create for her business.It will be able to generate invoices to print or email.Invoices should include the invoice number, the customer’s name, the customer’s address, the date of the sale, the items sold (including color, quantity, and price), the sale subtotal, whether any discounts were applied to the sale, the total tax per sale, and the subtotal.It will be able to report repeat customers so that Sheena can send them discount coupons and sale alerts.The report should include the customer’s name and address, the discount applied to the sale, and the discount’s expiration date.It will include a daily sales report ordered by highest quantity of items sold.The daily sales report will include all of the transactions from the day. On the report, each transaction should include the item names, item sizes, item colors, quantities sold, item prices, and the total sales amount. The report should also include the total sales amount for all of the sales combined that day.For this assignment, address the components below.Describe what system methodology you are going to use, and discuss the software development life cycle (SDLC) components.Discuss the main activities you will conduct in the systems analysis phase.Explain system requirements involved in this project and the challenges associated with the requirement engineering processes.Your submission must be at least two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. Utilize at least one source for your project. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.

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