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Unit 4: Listening, Viewing, Speaking—The Keys to Understanding Unit Test

You use your listening skills in many situations: in class, at home with your family members, when you are watching television, or listening your favorite music. Listening is a matter of directing your attention to certain sounds and not to others. Good listeners are able to focus on what they want or need to hear. Therefore, they increase their understanding. Sometimes you only need to use your ears, but in other situations listening also involves seeing. When someone speaks to you, you watch her facial expressions and notice her body language. These visual cues help you to understand what is being said. In this unit, we will examine and review listening and viewing skills so that you can get the most out of any presentation.Click on the link in the Blue Box below Assignment Details to begin the Unit 4 Test. You will need to upload your answers as a PDF or. Doc file.

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