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Unit 4 Safety Supervisor quiz

QUESTION 1__________ happens when a body is exposed to an environment in which it is unable to cool itself.Thermal insufficiencyHeatstrokeHeat crampsHeat exhaustionQUESTION 2Which of the following is an example of a vapor contaminant?OzoneHydrogen ChlorideTrichloroethyleneHydrogen SulfideQUESTION 3The theory of multiple causation states that it is the __________ combination of various factors that result in injuries and illnesses.randomcumulativeemployee’semployer’sQUESTION 4__________ has long been known as an infection produced by drinking non-pasteurized milk from cows suffering from Bang’s disease.BrucellosisByssinosisLeptospirosisPsittacosisQUESTION 5Each type and brand of hearing protection has been given a __________, which describes how much an employee’s exposure can be reduced by wearing the device.NRBRNNBNRNRRQUESTION 6__________ occurs in individuals who have experienced prolonged exposure toheavy air concentrations of cotton dust.CottonosisQ FeverTuberculosisByssinosisQUESTION 7Visual evidence should be recorded by using all of the following EXCEPT __________.camerasvideo camcordersvoice recordingsdrawingsQUESTION 8TLV’s are:limits on the time/limited/volumes   of air allowed for various hazardous chemicals.levels of safe, repeated exposures   for most workers.terminal limit values for maximum exposures   for certain hazardouschemicals.parent regulations to time   weighted averages.QUESTION 9Which of the following accurately identifies the following statements? “A report must do more than just identify at-risk acts or hazardous conditions surrounding an incident.”This statement is incomplete.This statement is true.This statement is false.This statement is ambiguous.QUESTION 10Which of the following is an example of a mist contaminant?Hydrogen ChlorideSulfuric AcidSulfur DioxideMethylene Chloride

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