Unit 5 courts assignment

Unit 5 AS: Voir Dire ProcessPlease summarize the jury selection process. Additionally, please be sure to address:the Voir Dire ProcessShould the preliminary examination of a juror be completed by the judge or counsel?Are “peremptory” challenges fair and just in your opinion?The Sixth Amendment requires an impartial jury, and, with this in mind, does the Voir Dire process help achieve this objective?Please be specific regarding the questions presented.Remember, you must address the following questions in a minimum 2-page Word document. Additionally, this assignment must be completed in APA format (i.e. 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, etc.), and you must validate and support your verbiage (i.e. , facts, opinions, beliefs, etc.) with citations and references of at least two (2) credible sources in addition to the textbook.

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