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Unit V Scholarly Activity

You are the business owner of a local cleaning service, and you have been    thinking about implementing a knowledge management system for your cleaning    technicians, especially for those who troubleshoot and solve cleaning problems,   such as removing certain carpet and water stains, addressing mold, and   selecting  the proper tools and products to use for other types of cleaning   issues. You  are  thinking about this because there are times when some of your   cleaning  technicians know how to properly clean carpets and others do not.Providing a  central knowledge repository could help share cleaning knowledge   among your  cleaning technicians.After you chose your scenario (A or B), compose a paper that addresses the    elements listed below.Explain the role of knowledge management systems.Explain what is meant by expert systems.Explain what is meant by content management systems.Discuss how the business in the selected scenario could benefit from an          expert system and a content management system, and provide two examples for          each type of system.Discuss how the business in the selected scenario could benefit from          business intelligence, and provide two examples of these benefits.Discuss how the business in the selected scenario can use social media to          not only obtain information and knowledge but to share it as well, and        provide   two examples of how the business might use social media information        systems.Your paper must be at least three pages in length (not counting the title and    reference pages), and you must also use at least two scholarly sources,

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