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Unit4: Application of Decrete mathematics and statistics techniques

Assignment DetailsAssignment DescriptionThis data setis a sample of Web server statistics for a computer science department. It contains the following 11 sections of data:Total successful requestsAverage successful requests per dayTotal successful requests for pagesAverage successful requests for pages per dayTotal failed requestsTotal redirected requestsNumber of distinct files requestedNumber of distinct hosts servedCorrupt logfile linesTotal data transferredAverage data transferred per dayWrite an essay of 2–3 pages that contains the following:A complete overview of the data, identifying anomalies in different weeks, and the weeks that the data are not regular.Choose 5 different sections of data, examine these sections, and provide the specific selection process and criteria you used to select this data set.Provide the measures of tendency and dispersion for each of the 5 different sections of data you selected.Provide 1 chart or graph for each of the 5 processed sections. This may be a pie or bar chart or a histogram.Label the chart or graph clearly.Explain why the graph you provided gave a good visual representation of the data.Based on your explanation above, identify some specific advantages why, in general, charts and graphs are important in conveying information in a visual format.Determine the standard deviation and variation for each of the 5 selected sections of data, and explain their importance in statistical analysis of a data set.Based on the tasks you performed in this project, research how statistics are used in information technology (IT), and provide references for your researchYour essay should include proper citation in APA formatting, both in-text, and in reference pages. Include a title page and use 12-point Times New Roman double-spaced font throughout the text.

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