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Use excel help you optimize complex projects

Week Two – Assignment 3 of 4And if you’d like to see how Excel can really help you optimize complex projects, try out this example by using the imbedded SOLVER fucntion (see Data tab. Install under File, Options, Add-ins.)Questions:Given that the current construction project is planned to be completed in 30 days.What is the best way to meet the expedited request of 26 days?What is the cost to expedite the project?If you want even more insight into managing your project, consider using specialized software tools such as Microsoft PROJECT — see your Single-Sign On page for Lynda.com resources and then search for “Microsoft Project 2016 Essential Training”.Earthmover Project Plan.xlsx- Excel Document (13 KB)HINTS — to install SOLVER:Excel: Open a document, under File, select Options, then select Add-ins, then by ”Manage… Excel Add-ins” click GO, check the box for “Solver Add-In”, and finally click OK.Google Sheets:  Open a document, in the top-menu select “Add-ins”, select “Get Add-ins”, search for Solver and click FREE.

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