website assessment

website: shopify.comIdentify a website, desktop application or a mobile application as your topic. It should have an e-commerce capability which is able to deliver primary e-commerce services such as customer inquiries, purchases and payments, and logistics such as delivery of the products purchased.REPORT STRUCTURE:I. Write an introduction about the selected topic describing the application. This section must also be able to show aspects of the system in terms of its purpose and functions.II. Assess the selected website, desktop application or mobile application in terms of the following design guidelines:Design guidelines:1. AFFORDANCE2. DESIGN FOR ERRORS3. FLOW4. SUPPORT FOR DIVERSITY OF USERS5. Consistency Guidelinesa.Internal consistencyb.Analogical consistencyc.External consistency6. User control and feedback7. Use of Metaphors8. Direct Manipulation9. Aesthetics in Screen DesignAPPLICATION OF CRITERION SUCH AS:· Balance· Equilibrium· Symmetry· Order· Consistent ratios· Unity· Alignment· Density· RhythmAssess the selected topic according to the abovementioned guidelines by using a 5-point Likert scale. The assessment must be included in your report.III. Summarize and discuss your results.IV. Conclude on the results.V. Write your recommendations for each of the guidelines.

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