Week 2 Journal

Prior to addressing the following prompts review chapter one in your required text, review the websiteThe Beginner’s Guide to Goal Setting (Links to an external site.), and watch the 30 minute 8 episode series by Ray Dalio entitledPrinciples for Success(Links to an external site.). Although Dalio’s goals were to become an investor and entrepreneur, his processes and ideas are worth exploring to consider applying to your own journey.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9XGUpQZY38&feature=youtu.beIn this video, Dalio addresses a process for more effectively meeting our goals. His steps are listed below:Identify your goals.( complete bachelors and work in a field with children. help children in abusive situations, work for a child advocacy center,Identify what problems stand in your way of achieving your goals. ( may be hard to find jobs in that field and get foot in the door,  may need a masters/doctorate for my ideal jobs)Identify the root causes of the problems.Design a plan to eliminate the problems.Execute the plan.Rather than thinking, “I’m right.” I started to ask myself, “How do I know I’m right?”In addition, Dalio discusses our barriers:The ego barrier: Acknowledging weaknesses.The blind spot barrier: When someone believes they can “see” everything.Using the premise of the principles and the barriers he shares, as well as the knowledge you have attained throughout your program, reflect on and discuss the following:If your future career could look like anything in the world, what would it look like?Using this vision, develop one or more goals (Dalio’s Step 1).Identify what specific psychological knowledge will need to be featured on self-promotion materials to support your goal.Next, follow Dalio’s steps 2 to 4 for success.Identify what problems stand in your way of achieving your goals.Identify the root causes of the problems.Design a plan to eliminate the problems.Lastly, discuss your thoughts about executing your plan (Step 5): What concerns do you have? What things have you accomplished that will support you in this execution?Your journal this week should be 400 to 500 words. Demonstrate your understanding of the importance of professional and ethical writing standards.

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