week 2 pharm pp on ginger and dandelion

InstructionsPharmacological-Herbal Management PowerPoint PresentationsFor this assignment, you are to complete a PowerPoint presentation addressing the specific criteria below.The PowerPoint presentation will be based on the topic assigned to you, WHICH IS ON GINGER AND DANDELION.Your presentation must include the following headings.Heading – Title PageHeading – Assigned Herbs & Reported UsesHeading – Reported Doses of Assigned HerbsHeading – Cautions of the Assigned HerbsHeading – Drug Interactions of the Assigned HerbsHeading – Adverse Reactions of the Assigned HerbsHeading – ConclusionsHeading – Reference Page REFERENCES ARE TO BE USED IN APA STYLE.I HAVE ATTACHED THE TEMPLET TO THIS POST SHE WANTS US TO USE THAT SAME ONE.

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