Week 4 Class discussion 1st response Probable Cause v Reasonable Suspicion, law homework help

Please provide a 100-200 word critique for the following outline:

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Probable Cause v Reasonable Suspicion

a) What is Probable Cause?

b) What is reasonable suspicion?

c) How to train officer in probable cause and reasonable suspicion?

Search and Seizure:

a) What is search and seizure?

b) How to do a search and seizure correctly?

c) Do officer have permission to search and seizure?

d) And do they need a search warrant?

Fourth Amendment:

a) What is Fourth Amendment regulates?

b) Why do we have the Fourth Amendment regulates?

c) What is the purpose of the Fourth Amendment regulates?

d) Who is affected by the Fourth Amendment regulates?

Reasonableness clause and Warrant clause:

a) When it come to reasonableness clause and warrant clause what do it have to do with the Fourth Amendment.

Stop and Fisk:

a) What is stop and frisk?

b) Why do officer stop and frisk?

c) What is the reason for stop and frisk?

d) Do officer have to have a warrant to stop and frisk?

Violating the Fourth Amendment:

a) Names some of the reason the Fourth Amendment is violated?

b) Why would someone want to violate the Fourth Amendment?

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