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Week 5 – Final Project -Strategic HR mgmt – Due by Sun at 5pm CST

Week 5 Assignment 2Final Project: Human Resource Strategy ReportNow that you have explored many approaches to strategic human resources, it is time to pull everything you have read and discussed together. For your Final Project, you will develop a report on the HR strategy of your current or recent employer or another of an organization of your choosing with which you are familiar. This report will involve research not only within the organization but also on strategic choices available to management to ensure alignment of human resource programs with the mission and strategic plan of the organization. As noted in the Final Project Instructions document, located in the Week 1 Learning Resources area, your paper will consist of the following:Description of the organizationStrategic planning processesAnalysis of alignment and recommendations for changeRefer to the Final Project Instructions document for more detailed instructions.Use the Final Project Template (located in this week’s Learning Resources) to complete your Final Project.Submit your Final Project by Day 7.

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