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Week 7 Case Study Discussion – Solution Focused/Narrative

Instructions – Case Study OutlineWeek 7 Case Study: Solution Focused / Narrative1. Read the following case study.Week 7 Case Study MadisonMadison gears up for another day in sixth grade. The transition to middle school has been difficult one for her. Since the beginning of the school year, she has felt so isolated from her peers, even those who were her friends in fifth grade. Although her mom, Sarah, often asks how things are going, Madison hesitates to let her know just how hard things have been at school recently. Brooke, Traci, and Caroline are certainly the most popular girls at the school, and even Madison’s best friend, Laura, seem to have fallen under their spell. In fifth grade, she and Laura did everything together, and now Madison hardly sees her even outside of school.At lunch today, Madison decides to approach Laura, who is sitting with Brooke, Traci and Caroline. She asks Laura, “Can I sit here?” Before Laura can respond, Brooke tells Madison, “We don’t sit with losers,” Traci and Caroline start to laugh, and Traci says, “Yeah, Madison, go join the other losers over there,” which makes Caroline laugh even harder. Fighting back tears, Madison walks away, throws her food in the trash, and runs out of the cafeteria. By the time she gets home from school, someone has posted a video on her Facebook page, showing her crying in the hallway outside of the lunchroom, with the caption, “cry baby loser.”When Sarah gets home from work, she can immediately tell that something is wrong with Madison, yet Madison won’t tell her what happened. Sarah hates to do this, but she decides to check out Madison’s Facebook page. There, she finds the video and is horrified. When she approaches Madison about it, Madison begs her mom not to do anything, because she believes it will only make it worse for her at school. Sarah believes she must do something, but when does she begin. What is the role of the Parent, the role of the school and the role of the student in the scenario?Use a Narrative or Solution Focus approach in assessing the bullying and developing a treatment plan which includes the parents, school and students.2. Complete the Case Study Outline.Case Study Outline1. Background information and Socio-cultural considerations.2. Assessment (assessment methods must be consistent with the theory you have read for this week’s assignments, video clips or theory mentioned in the vignette).3. Treatment plans, must list 3 treatment goals that follow logical problem solving.4. Interventions (Interventions must be consistent from theory/ theories you are using for the case study) include collateral stakeholders as part of the interventions as needed.5. Discuss future research that may be needed.Video LinksNarrative Therapy Exerpt from Dr. BitterMichael White Trauma ITSP – terapia narrativa (subtitulado)Book:Chapter 13& 14Goldenberg, I, Stanton,M & Goldenberg, H. (2017). Family Therapy: An Overview (9th Edition). Cengage Learning.

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