What are the implications for the future?, writing homework help

This is to write a short essay (5-8 pages or so) about the collection and analysis of big data in some subject area. Pick a topic – health, marketing, sports, college admissions, crime, travel, traffic accidents, climate, housing – or whatever.

Then address
a) What kind of data are people using?
b) Where do they get it?
c) What do they do with it?
d) What are the implications for the future?

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Put this in the dropbox for Assignment 2.

This is a continuation of the earlier assignment. You can either use the same topic or a different one. Please look at some papers or articles about what is happening in the area you choose – is there a result that has been published? What are people saying will happen as a result?

One question is where data comes from. There are government files, there is information gathered from web browsers, there are surveys that are given out and analyzed, and there are sensors that pick up some data.

And the other end of the story is what difference it might make to us. Can we predict something we need to know – gain either economically or socially?

Suppose for example that you chose seismology. There is an international seismographic network with sensors gathering data around the world, there’s a consortium of universities sharing the data, people are trying to understand this data, they map the earthquakes (see the “IRIS seismic monitor” and other such pages. The ideal goal is to predict earthquakes, but at least we might understand better the succession of smaller shocks before and after a big earthquake.

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