What is the required rate of return?, accounting homework help

I am in need of a great deal of help. Once you open the excel documents, you will see the tabs on the bottom. If you use outside sources just place in the box with the paragraph. The box should grow as you type or you can make it bigger. I have other sections done if you want to look at for referance.

I need help with:

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Module 02 Pg 2 (I have completed over half of this one, I just need help on a couple spots)

Module 02 Pg 3

Module 03 Pg 1

Module 03 Pg2

Module 04 Pg 1

Module 04 Pg 2

If you want to do other last three sections you are welcome too. Otherwise I will be requesting help with that part as well. The sections I have mentioned above are the ones that I am struggling with and if I don’t complete I will fail the class.

A major thank you in advance.

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