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Question 110 PointsGiven a function described as equation y = 3x + 4, what is y when x is 1, 2, and 3?1.7, 8, 92.3, 7, 113.3, 6, 94.7, 10, 13Question 210 PointsGiven this equation for converting temperature from Celsius (c) to Fahrenheit (f): f = (9/5)c + 32What is f when c is 30?1.772.863.954.104Question 310 PointsWhat are m and b in the linear equation, using the common meanings of m and b?1 + 4x + 6 – x = y1.m is 3, b is 72.m is 4, b is 63.m is 7, b is 34.m is 6, b is 4Question 410 PointsThe figure below shows costs for a current home mortgage versus a refinanced home mortgage. Refinancing has initial costs, but results in a lower monthly payment. Which best describes the lines?1.The blue line is for refinancing, which starts cheaper but eventually is costlier2.The blue line is for refinancing, which starts costlier but eventually is cheaper3.The orange line is for refinancing, which starts cheaper but eventually is costlier4.The orange line is for refinancing, which starts costlier but eventually is cheaperQuestion 510 PointsTo draw a graph for y = 2x + 5, a person can draw a point at x of 0 and y of ___, a second point by going over 1 and up ___, and then draw a line through the points.1.0, 52.2, 53.5, 24.2, 5Question 610 PointsA parking lot charges $2 per hour for the first 4 hours, then $3 per hour after that. Which equation(s) describes the total cost y as a function of the hours x?1.y = 3x + 82.y = 2x + 123.y = 2x for x of 4 or less / y = 2x + 3x for x of 5 or more4.y = 2x for x of 4 or less / y = 8 + 3(x – 4) for x of 5 or moreQuestion 710 PointsCells B1, C1, and D1 contain the values Seat1Row1, Seat1Row2, and Seat1Row3. If cells B1, C1, and D1 were selected, and autofill used to fill E1, F1, and G1, what would be the autofilled values?1.Seat2Row3, Seat3Row3, Seat4Row32.Seat2Row4, Seat3Row5, Seat4Row63.Seat1Row4, Seat1Row5, Seat1Row64.Autofill cannot be used for these valuesQuestion 810 PointsIf A2 is changed from 5 to 8, what value will appear in C3 if C3 contains the formula =A2*2? 910 PointsThe formula in cell B1 is =A$2. Autofill is used by dragging B1’s autofill box across to C1, D1, and E1. What formulas will appear in C1, D1, and E1, respectively?1.=A$2, =A$2, =A$22.=A$2, A$3, A$43.=B$2, C$2, D$24.=B$2, C$3, D$4Question 1010 PointsBased on the line graph shown, how did Google’s stock price perform between September 2015 and December 2015?1.The stock price did not change2.The stock price decreased3.The stock price increased4.Not enough information to determine the stock price performanceQuestion 1110 PointsBased on the grouped bar chart below, in which year did the largest gap between men and women exist in the U.S. workforce?1.19702.19803.20004.2010Question 1210 PointsFor which of the following sets of data should a stacked bar chart be used?1.The average height of men vs. the average height of women2.The number of red cars vs. the number of red bicycles3.The total number of movies watched categorized by science fiction vs. non-science fiction4.The average age of surfers vs. the average age of scuba diversQuestion 1310 PointsThe total amount of time university students in the United States spend sleeping, grooming, eating and drinking, and traveling is about:1.of the total time2.of the total time3.of the total time4.of the total timeQuestion 1410 PointsFor the given fact below, which subsequent true/false statement is true?Fact: Mel received in A in Math.1.Mel passed the math class.2.Mel failed the math class.3.Mel likes math.4.Mel took math this semester.Question 1510 PointsIndicate the most appropriate if-then statement that the English sentence represents:People 25 years or older do not pay an additional car rental fee.1.If a person is 25 years old or older, then the person does not pay an additional car rental fee.2.If a person is 25 years old or younger, then the person does not pay an additional car rental fee.3.If a person does not need to pay an additional car rental fee, then the person is 25 years old or older.4.UnknownQuestion 1610 PointsGiven: If X, then Y. If Y, then Z.Y is true. So:1.X is unknown, Z is unknown2.X is unknown, Z is true3.X is false, Z is true4.X is true, Z is trueQuestion 1710 PointsUsing everyday knowledge, which of the following statements is an if-then statement whose reverse is also correct?1.If the TV is unplugged, then the TV will not turn on.2.If the light bulb was recently on, then the light bulb is hot.3.If an ambulance has emergency lights on, then cars on the road pull over.4.If the wind is blowing, then the weather is chilly.Question 1810 PointsUsing everyday knowledge, indicate whether the if-then statements are correct forward-only or both forward and reverse.Statement 1: If Bo is Mel’s sibling, then Mel is Bo’s sibling./ Statement 2: If the sprinklers are on, then the grass is wet.1.Forward-only / Forward-only2.Forward-only / Forward and reverse3.Forward and reverse / Forward-only4.Forward and reverse / Forward and reverseQuestion 1910 PointsGiven: If A AND B, then C. Given: The if-then statement’s reverse is also correct. Given A is false, B is false. What is C?1.True2.False3.Both true and false4.UnknownQuestion 2010 PointsWhat pages will be favored for the given search? Search terms: Michael OR Jordan1.Pages about Michael Jordan2.Pages about Michael, plus pages about OR, plus pages about Jordan3.Pages about Michael, plus pages about Jordan4.Pages about Michael, plus pages about Jordan, plus pages about bothQuestion 2110 PointsThe rules for a soccer player receiving a yellow card are as follows:IF a playerdelays-restartOR (dissents-by-word OR dissents-by-action)OR ((enters OR re-enters OR leaves) AND NOT (had-permission))OR ((corner-kick OR free-kick OR throw-in) AND fails-respect-distance)OR commits-persistence-offencesTHEN the player should receive a yellow cardA player leaves the field with permission. Later, the player re-enters the field without permission. The player:1.Should receive a yellow card2.Should not receive a yellow card3.Should receive a yellow card only if the player also delays the restart4.Should receive a yellow card only if committing all the other 4 offenses tooQuestion 2210 PointsWhat percentage of people partake in physical activity and abstain from smoking, but do not eat fruit and vegetables?1.1%2.5%3.10%4.14%Question 2310 PointsGiven the true/false statements are true (facts), select the best logical induction made from those statements:Mo likes oranges. Jai likes oranges. Ben likes oranges.1.People don’t like apples2.People only like oranges3.People like oranges4.People like fruitQuestion 2410 PointsGiven a function described as the table below, what is y when x is 2? 2510 PointsGiven a function described as the graph below, what is y when x is 3? 2610 PointsThe figure below shows total costs for three gym memberships. Which is the most accurate statement?1.Of the 3 memberships, Monthly is cheapest for under 5 months, while Standard is cheapest for over 10 months.2.Platinum is costliest for any duration3.Monthly is cheapest for any duration except for 5-10 months4.Standard is cheapest for a duration between 5-10 months; other plans are cheaper for shorter or longer durations.Question 2710 PointsThe figure shows estimated medical costs versus what a user actually pays for three health insurance plans with different deductibles. For which plan does the user pay the least for estimated medical costs of $4,000?1.$500 deductible plan2.$1,000 deductible plan3.$2,000 deductible plan4.The user pays the same for all three plans.Question 2810 PointsWhat is the value of cell C2? 2910 PointsWhat formula should be entered in A3 to compute A1 divided by C3?1.=A3/A12.=A1/C33.=A1*C34.=C3/A1Question 3010 PointsBased on the vertical bar chart below, in which of the following months were approximately 10% of professional European soccer players born?1.January2.April3.October4.December

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