your opinion

Read each paragraph and give me your opinion do you agree do you disagree with those 4 paragraphs one for each part and if you agree or disagree why or why not cj

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1.Colorblindness, figuratively speaking of course, suggests that if we as humans can learn to look past skin color and use actual, substantive qualities of individuals to truly learn about other cultures and ethnicities, that we can leave a world of stereotypes and judgement behind and evolve into a world community. The first question asked to be viewed through colorblind eyes asks if American society is in danger of hardening or increasing division among racial and ethnic groups. I personally believe that yes, we are further hardening dangerous trends of isolationism and perpetuating stereotypes. Now, I will buck the main stream here and say that ALL races have withdrawn further into themselves and their majority/ minority groups. I believe that current trends, regardless of which political party is in office, show a divided America on many fronts. An example could be the genderless bathroom issue. With democrats in office, Barak Obama succeeded in pushing legislation to allow transgender bathroom access to the restroom of the gender they associate with, not their biological sex. There was push back from conservatives and church groups that suggested that this would increase incidents of sexual assault and further confuse children. When conservatives took the administration over in 2017, states began contesting and repealing these laws set by the previous administration. My point, the argument has been around for a while and will not be solved without a long discussion and compromise. When people look at physical appearance, they lose sight of the issue at hand and the ability to debate reasonably based on facts, statistics, and academic studies. Removing race or labels from an argument allows a true discussion about the underlying issues and a quicker path to a solution. Subpopulations developing from pluralism is a given. Anytime there is an inclusive group competing against another inclusive group for resources and societal ranking, fighting and propaganda occurs. The intensity of this can even create in-fighting where members of one group begin to not trust their own members and cause an implosion of ideas and complete destruction of an organization. Often with pluralism there is an enhanced feeling that not only is my group better than yours, but you refused to assimilate to our ways and therefore mean us harm. These inclusive groups live in a perpetual state of mistrust and competition. America leans towards assimilation, however there are very clear areas of the country and individual states where pluralism has led to subpopulations. The “China towns” of San Francisco, L.A., New York City, and other large cities are examples of both the assimilation of these cultures mixing with the surrounding western culture but also maintaining their heritage and cultures. The assimilation is evident in the many individuals from all ethnicities that enter these areas to experience the culture and food.Since the beginning of time, every species is in competition for the same limited resources (just watch Discovery Channel). There is only so much fresh water, agricultural land to grow food, wood for shelter, etc. This leads back to the hunter and gather classifications of the early human races and power structure associated with Sociology. A group that can target and corner a necessity and limited resource can control the price, location, and all factors associated with those who need the limited resource. As people finally realize soda is horrible for you, more so the sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and sales plummet, companies have started targeting the market for bottled water. This is a perfect example of the attempted control of monopolizing any given product to produce maximum financial gain and market control. Tension to relieve, and protect, individuals from monopolies is apparent in government regulations but where do the fines actually go? When a company is broken up or acquisition is turned down or stopped by government forces, doesn’t the company just buy up the lower competitors? This has been around since the beginning of time and will remain until the end of time.

2.Group 2 — Present an explanation arguing that furthering multiculturalism as a more useful solution to issues of racism. Then address the questions below from this point of view.Include in your response answers to the following questions, using your Group’s perspective:Is American society in danger of hardening or increasing the divisions among racial and ethnic groups? In some ways, I do believe that this is what is happening to our current society. There are some areas that society seems to have blended and others where it feels that the lines have been drawn deeper in the sand so to say. Why is it that it seems only in times of great despair and disaster that people see past color, sex, and religion to help each other?Is there too much emphasis on pluralism? Yes. The phase “you people” is one of most discrimination phases of pluralism any one can utter. One person does not decide the views of a whole race and people really need to quit viewing it that way. It is offensive and it is used to describe more than just races of people. I know I keep “preaching” this over and over again but people need to be educated. Does this create subpopulations that will view others with considerable hostility? Yes. Or is hostility more likely with an emphasis on assimilation? Which does America want? I don’t feel that it is an emphasis on assimilation. I know that we as a nation to figure out a way to get beyond what happened in the past with our forefathers. Get beyond the discrimination and work on uniting OUR people. Everyone. The past can not be changed, we must look at, learn from it, and move on working on becoming a greater nation from the mistakes. If everyone is competing for the same limited resources, how is this tension best mitigated? By coming together and indicating what resources are limited and looking at how to best manage them. I travel a lot and over the few years I have seen more giant windmill farms in the mountain ranges and on the sea board to help produce energy. I have seen nuclear power plants converted to gas turbines. Increase in solar powered facilities. More and more companies are going to green initiatives to help reduce their carbon footprint. By working together. The old adage “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

3.Which strategies do you think are most effective for reducing prejudice and discrimination?Integration would be the most effective strategy for reducing prejudice and discrimination. It allows them to maintain their own customs and accept customs of the host country. What other strategies would you suggest? This learner would not suggest any other strategy. Assimilation makes the person abandon their own customs and fully accepts customs of the host country. Integration is the best fit for both to get along with one another. According to (Thao, 2009), she indicates that the Hmong elders assimilate when they feel they have no power over government laws or when they have no power to control what happens. Many of the Hmong elders use integration as this learner stated, but assimilation is only used when they do not have any control. Consider community-level and nationwide strategies, not just individual ones. On a community-level and nationwide level, strategies that need to be taken upon are educating those new to our country and show them how they can integrate with our country and still have their own culture and practice their beliefs. Address general strategies as well as those that would target the issues presented in the article you just read above. Again, this learner based off the conclusion of Thao, educating the Hmong elders will allow them to integrate and not make them feel forced do assimilate in our society. Part 2-Taking a Stance Against Racism and Discrimination In the Mental disabilities scenarios, there should never be a person talking to someone with a mental disability in the manner that they were. Also, there should be someone that will stand up for those that have that type of disability. In the Shopping while Black scenarios you have a lot of people that will not interject when they see someone black being treated unfairly. No matter the color of someone’s skin, you should not accept someone being treated unfairly and you should step in and say something. In these scenarios, it’s all about the way you treat people and that we should never treat a person differently because of race, creed, sex, health status or mental status. As a society, we discriminate against those that are different than us. As a society, we need to reinforce educating those on differences and understand it’s okay to be different. Cultural diversity classes should be a mandatory class in the workforce and mandated throughout any type of work force or school force.

4. Strategies that would be the most effective for reducing prejudice and discrimination would be to let children have their own opinions. Do not drill into children’s heads what race is “good” and what race is “bad”. Children are not born racist, racism is taught. Children will play and interact with any and all until they are told differently. After they are told differently they start to because prejudice and then start to discriminate others based on what they have been taught. Another strategy that I would suggest would to allow children to go through the process that we reviewed earlier in the course of the 3rd grade class. Also, start holding them accountable for their actions. I feel that the community lever and nationwide strategies need to be less segregated. Many areas are segregated now. Do you think we choose to be segregated or are we silently forced to be segregated? Per the article, uneducated people do not know how to change and adapt. This causes an issue. The way to resolve this issue is by given these people the opportunity to be educated so that they can adapt to change instead of running away from it.

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