Adventure therapy

•Discussion 8.1 – The Purpose Checkup◦Take the Purpose Checkup and discuss your results.◦ Throughout the balance of the week, review another student’s results ◾Briefly comment on their results  from a coaching perspective.◾Based on this week’s course leadership coaching concepts, how will you coach your client so they accept  feedback and act on it?◦Discussion 8.2 – Adventure Framework◾Describe how the adventure-based framework for coaching applies to a change dynamic and how you might use it to “coach up” the organizational hierarchy.◾Explain how you might use the Adventure Coaching Funnel concept in your coaching scenario. If you do not believe it can be used, explain why.◾List the differences between an adaptive cognitive style and an innovative cognitive style. How might a conflict coach use the A-I theory in a coaching session?◦Discussion 8.3 – Adventure TherapyWrite a 200-300 word summary on a Literature Review article of your choice on Adventure Therapy.•Goldsmith and Lyons, Chapters 9-12•Stober and Grant, Chapter 10

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