strayer week 2 discussion

apa format1-2 paragraphsWatch the following two videos from the LinkedIn Learning course Relational Database Fundamentals with Adam Wilbert.“Database Management Systems (DBMS)” (4m 36s).“Relational Structures” (3m 57s).Review Figure F2.1 Database, Database Management System, and Business Applications on page 28 of the textbook. Based on the videos and your readings this week, please do the following:Choose a set of data from the database list (e.g., Performance data).Next, select the appropriate application program that the data interfaces with via the database management system (i.e., Performance program).Now, explain how information from the application and system are displayed on your computer screen as the user.Explain how you use the program and what functions are available to you.Provide recommendations you would make to improve the program’s functionality to make it easier for end users.

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