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annotated bibliography

For this blog post, summarize one of the articles below. Be sure that you provide the APA reference for the article you located. Your post may take the form of an annotated bibliography. You must write at least 50 words.2Hachman, M. (2016). Acer founder Shih says company would “welcome” a takeover. PCWorld Magazine, August, 25. Available at: www.pcworld.com/article/2977015.Lin, H. C., & Hou, S. T. (2010). Managerial lessons from the East: An interview with Acer’s Stan Shih. Note: Shih has since stepped down as CEO/Chairman in 2014, but remains “Honorary Chairman”. Acer has since dropped to the fifth largest PC company worldwide and they are considering a merger with another firm, possibly with fellow Taiwanese PC maker ASUS. This may be a good move for Shih and Acer as the PC continues to shift toward commodity status.9———. (2012). Paternity leave around the world. Wall Street Journal, July 22, B4; ———. (2012). Age discrimination also affects young workers. Deutsche Welle, April, 24. Available at: www.dw.com/en/age-discrimination-also-affects-young-workers.15Moriyasu, K. (2016). Japan must pay more or say goodbye. Nikkei Asian Review, February 9. Available at: http://asia.nikkei.com/business/trends; ———. (2010). Japanese firms in China: Culture shock. The Economist, July 10, 64; Linowes, R. G. (1993). The Japanese manager’s traumatic entry into the U.S.: Understanding the American–Japanese cultural divide. Academy of Management Executive, 7, 21–40.20———. (2010). South Korea’s industrial giants: The chaebol conundrum. The Economist, May 31. Available at: www.economist.com/node/15816756; House, R., Hanges, P. J., Javidan, M., Dorfman, P. W., & Gupta, V. (2004). Culture, Leadership, and Organizations: The GLOBE Study of 62 Societies. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.25Rivett-Carnac, M. (2016). Indonesia is asking Facebook and WhatsApp to block gay emojis. Time Asia, February 12; Available at: www.time.com/4218922; ———. (2016). In Indonesia, Facebook remains the most popular social site. E-Marketer, June 23. Available at: www.emarketer.com/articles; ———. (2016). Percent of Facebook users by country. Statista. Available at: www.statista.com/statistics/268136; Zinoviena, E. (2014). Can Facebook win a bigger share of the Russian social media pie? Russia Direct, February 4. Available at: www.russia-direct.org/analysis; ———. (2011). Social media in Indonesia: Eat, pray, tweet. The Economist, January 8, 64; Ioffe, J. (2011). In Russia, Facebook more than a social network. Bloomberg Businessweek, January 3–9, 32–33.36Kowsmann, P., & Jordan, M. (2016). “Brazilian time,” security measures cause some spectators to miss events. Wall Street Journal, August 6. Available at: www.wsj.com/articles/brazilian-time; Hall, E. T., & Hall, M. R. (1990). Understanding Cultural Differences. Yarmouth, ME: Intercultural Press.39Paton, N. (2009). India and Brazil crack employee engagement. Management Issues, April 20, 1–2. Available at: www.management-issues.com/news/5546/india-and-brazil-crack-employee-engagement; Kenexa (2009). The impact of employee engagement. Available at: www.kenexa.com/kri/insight-reports; Huang, X., & Van de Vliert, E. (2004). Job level and national culture as joint roots of job satisfaction. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 53, 329–348; Hui, C. H., Yee, C., & Eastman, K. L. (1995). The relationship between individualism–collectivism and job satisfaction. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 44, 276–282.51Arora, R. (2015). Why India is the land of rising entrepreneurship. Inc. Magazine, January 27. Available at: www.inco.com/rohit-arora; Jain, V. (2011). Indian entrepreneurship and the challenges to India’s growth. Ivey Business Journal, September–October. Available at: www.iveybusinessjournal.com/publication/indian-entrepreneurship; For a different view, see: Saha, S. (2015). Entrepreneurship in India is a complete pain in the ass. Quartz, India, June 25. Available at: www.qz.com/435952; ———. (2010). A bumpier but freer road. The Economist, October 2, 75–77; Srivastava, M. (2010). The untold wealth of unknown cities. Bloomberg Businessweek, October 4–10, 9–11; Srivastava, M., & Sharma, S. (2010). Corporate India finds greener pastures—in Africa. Bloomberg Businessweek, November 8–14, 61–62; Stephan, U., & Uhlaner, L. M. (2010). Performance-based vs socially supportive culture: A cross-national study of descriptive norms and entrepreneurship. Journal of International Business Studies, 41, 1347–1364.

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