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assignment 3

Kim regarding this assignment teacher feedback was Suggest you include an introduction stating the purpose of paper and a conclusion that states findings. please pay closed attention and follow the topic below. I suggest you use the same organization as assignment 2 you did.Policy Development is Critical to Ensure Legal and Ethical Adherence and ConsistencyDiscuss processes used in your organization to develop new policies and communicate them to your internal and external stakeholders.  Include how you take ADA and EEO mandates into consideration. Include in your discussion the role-played by your Board.  How do you train employees on policies to ensure consistency in application?  Finally, critique your organization’s processes as compared to at least two other organizations.  How would you improve your policy development processes based on that comparison?   Proper APA style is required.  Minimum length:  6-8 pages (excluding title page and reference page) with at least 6 scholarly references in addition to your texts.

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