Describe basic communication and public speaking concepts

  • A one- to two-page paper (12-point font, 300 to 600 words) written in a word processor, such as MS Word

Assignment Details
In this activity, you will describe an event that you have experienced and identify the elements of communication that occurred during the event.

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Review Information.
Review the information presented in the lesson about the elements of communication.

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Step 2: Recall and select a communication event that you have attended or watched.
Select an event during which a specific intended message was delivered successfully. The event could be based on fact or fiction. For example, perhaps you watched one of the President’s speeches on television, or maybe you watched a movie in which a character delivers an effective speech. Using a word processor (such as MS Word), write a short summary of the event that includes the following information:

Type of event
The setting of the event (where, when, and so on)
The audience for the communication
Main goal of the message being deliveredStep 3: Describe the communication elements involved in the event.
Write brief descriptions of the following elements of communication observed during the event:
Speaker – The person delivering the message in a communication process
Message – The information being communicated
Listener – The receiver of the intended message
Feedback – The response to the message provided to the speaker by the listener
Channel – The method used to communicate the message
Environment – The occasion and physical setting for the communication
Noise – Distractions that inhibit the successful completion of the message deliveryStep 4: What made the communication successful?
Write a paragraph that describes the communication elements that played the biggest roles in making the communication successful.

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