This case study will provide an opportunity for you to apply what you have learned by helping Nick with his learning style and note taking skills.

Nick is a first-year student. He has had difficulty concentrating during this American History lectures.

Listening to lectures and taking notes are extremely difficult for him. He’s finding that his notes do not make sense, and he seems to be lacking important lecture information. His VARK results reveal that he is primarily a visual learner, so he prefers to see content to process what he is learning.

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Activity Questions

  1. Based on his learning style what recommendations would you make for Nick?
  2. What note taking system do you think would work best for Nick?
  3. What other strategies would help Nick?

Please use essay format and good college writing practices. Upload the essay to this link.

This assignment assesses the objective: Make recommendations for note taking based on VARK learning style.

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