identify a change initiative to mitigate the performance gap

Consider what you learned in the IOP/480 Assessment Tools for Organizations course. Based on the workplace needs assessment you completed in Week 1, identify a change initiative to mitigate the performance gap.Create an organizational readiness survey with 10 questions to measure employee perceptions and support for the change.Create a pulse survey with 3 to 5 questions to measure employee satisfaction midway through a change effort.Write a 700- to 1,050-word change strategy paper addressing the following:Strengths and challenges for the change adoptionIssues relevant to leadership managing changeChange leadership developmentYour understanding of the DISC assessment and how this tool can be integrated into change leadershipYou must support opinions and any facts by citing credible sources in the body of the assignment and listing the references including at least two scholarly references in APA style. See Tips for Success article for Class Announcements for guidance on selecting scholarly references.Submit the paper, the organizational readiness survey questions, and the pulse survey questions in asingle file. The organizational readiness survey and pulse survey should be Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 to the paper.

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