Standards for Moral Conduct in Criminal Justice

As you have learned throughout this course, the criminal justice field demands moral conduct from all participants. In your response, you will create a set of core, ethical beliefs and moral requirements for people engaged in your line of work, or your intended line of work. Drawing from Chapters 5 and 15 in your textbook, along with the eight additional sources you research to support your opinions, formulate your response based solely upon scholarly sources.Compile a comprehensive job description for your line of work or intended line of work;Identify all of the stakeholders related to the position;Describe at least three practical work scenarios where ethical decision making and moral action must be taken in the position;Evaluate the pros and cons of two ethical theories applicable to the work scenarios you chose;Create your own code of ethics for the position and the foundational sources for your code;Design a best-practices checklist for your chosen position; andPropose how your code of ethics will positively impact all stakeholders to the position.

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