Long term care advances in technology, management homework help

Advances in technology have influenced the treatment of disease and healthcare practice. Choose one of the following hypothetical healthcare situations.

  • Long-term care environment (e.g., nursing home, LTC outpatient day care center, Alzheimer’s unit)
  • Patient-centered medical home for terminally ill children
  • Outpatient dialysis center.

Identify and describe how technological advances have influenced the way treatment and services are managed from the perspective of the healthcare administrator of this facility. What emerging or new technology do you want for your staff in order to provide the best care possible? Please focus on the ethical principles and issues inherent in the use or selection of new technology, rather than the technology itself. What ethical principles do you need to consider in your role as the administrator and with the use of these new technologies? Be sure to respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

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