Process of Policy Analysis

Imagine that a construction project will close a major parking lot on your campus for the next three years. As a consequence, some people currently parking on campus for a nominal fee will no longer be able to obtain permits. A member of the economics faculty has suggested raising the price substantially, from $25 per year to $200 per year so that the number of permits demanded at the higher price will equal the number available. It would have to be approved by the transportation planning committee, which includes representatives from the faculty, the administration, unionized employees, and student. How would you assess the prospects for adoption of the proposal? Do you have any ideas about how to improve the prospect?

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Use the process of Policy Analysis –

The Process of Policy Analysis

– Identify the problem and the best way to address it

– Underlying and related issues

– Policy making environment: key actors and history

– Identify alternatives

– Set criterion to measure one alternative against another

– Ranking

The answer should be at least 3 pages

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