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Reply/Comment to 2 student posts

Kaplan University: Psychology / Applied Behavior AnalysisPS499: Bachelors Capstone Course in PsychologyTwo responses to discussion posts.TUTOR INSTRUCTIONS:The student is required to make a reply comment to two other student’s posts. (one reply comment about Student 1’s post, and one reply comment about Student 2’s post).Word-count required for each response: 150-200 words.The Discussion Question that was asked of the two students:Before addressing this week’s Discussion topic, research requirements for the necessary certification or licensure needed to work in your desired career. The following websites may be useful:Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA): http://www.bacb.com/index.php?page=53Source: Eligibility Standards: BACB. Retrieved from http://www.bacb.com/index.php?page=53Answer the following:1.    Summarize your research in state/federal requirements for certification/licensure for your field. Create a timeline that you can follow to meet these requirements.2.    Why is it important to attend trainings in topics such as HIPAA, confidentiality, cultural diversity, universal health procedures, and counseling theories?Student 1’s post (Tiffany) :I have been pursuing my Bachelor in Psychology with Emphasis in ABA. I am gng to become a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA). In order to complete this goal, I have to have a bachelors in psychology with coursework accoriding to a certain task list. I also have to have 1000 hours of supervised field work. I started accruing these hours at the beginning of my first ABA course. Once this is completed, I then have to sit for board certification exams. In addition to this, it is important to remember that in order to maintain a credential, you must receive continued education credits at a rate of 3-Year Cycle: 24 CEUs every 3 years (3 CEUs in ethics and professional behavior) or 2-Year Cycle: 20 CEUs every 2 years (4 CEUs in ethics for all certificants; 3 CEUs in supervision for supervisors).I should be able to have my experience done and be able to sit for my boards the summer of 2017.It is important to take training in HIPAA, confidentiality, cultural diversity, universal health procedures and counseling theories because we will work with a diverse population and being able to handle their cases with privacy and understanding is an important part of what we as professionals will do. We have to be sure that we understand their culture and are sensitive to their needs while keeping personal matters private.ReferenceEligibility Standards: BACB. Retrieved from http://www.bacb.com/index.php?page=53Student 2’s post (Veronica) :My current field of study at Kaplan University is Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis.  The focal area I would like to get into under this emphasis is Community Psychology. Residing in the city of Brooklyn, New York there are certain state requirements that need to be met in order for me to do so.The state of New York requires that a prospected Behavior Analyst meet the requirements established by section 8804 of New York’s Education Law and Subpart 79-17 of the Commissioner’s Regulations (Applied Behavior Analysis, 2014).  In order for you to begin the process you must first submit an application for licensure/certification to the New York State Education Department: Office of Professions in order to use the title “licensed behavior analyst” or “certified behavior analyst” (Applied Behavior Analysis, 2014). The required fee to obtain licensure and first registration as a licensed behavior analyst is $300 (Applied Behavior Analysis, 2014). The required fee to obtain licensure for certification and first registration as a certified behavior analyst assistant is $225 (Applied Behavior Analysis, 2014). Certification of Professional Education of either a bachelor’s or higher for certificate or master’s or higher for licensure is required (Applied Behavior Analysis, 2014). A Professional Experience Report is required to show you have in some form practice in the field (Applied Behavior Analysis, 2014). The passing of an examination is another requirement (Applied Behavior Analysis, 2014).  Completion of the required training on the Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Maltreatment is mandated (Applied Behavior Analysis, 2014). You must also be 21 years of age (Applied Behavior Analysis, 2014). Lastly the state requires you be of good moral standard (Applied Behavior Analysis, 2014).The Behavior Analyst Certification Board requires that you meet the following: Applied Behavior Analysis Bachelors; BCaBA certification, coursework – 180 hours, experience – supervised independent fieldwork – 1000 hours,practicum – 670 hours, intensive practicum – 500 hours, no more than 50% of experience hours can come from direct implementation, you have to have experience within 5 years of starting coursework (starting 1/1/15), and an exam (BCBA, 1998, 2016). Applied Behavior Analysis Masters; BCAB certification, coursework – 270 classroom hours of graduate level instruction, experience, supervised independent fieldwork – 1500 hours, practicum – 1000 hours, intensive practicum – 750 hours, no more than 50% of experience hours can come from direct implementation, have to have experience within 5 years of starting coursework (starting 1/1/15), and pass a competency exam (BCBA, 1998, 2016).My timeline began 11/14/2015 enrollment at Kaplan University. 11/14/2015 – 01/24/2017 obtaining the 180 hours of required bachelor’s certification. 1/24/2017 – future fieldwork and practicum. 2017 – 2018 beginning career in Community Psychology.When working in the field of ABA it is very important to attend trainings in topics such as HIPAA, confidentiality, cultural diversity, universal health procedures, and counseling theories. These trainings play an important role because they help you stay within the ethical guidelines of psychology, improve your behavior analytic practices, develop programs that are culturally sensitive, keep you abreast on methods that are no longer utilized, and keep you updated on new successful research findings that can be utilized in practice.References:Applied Behavior Analysis. (2014, November 24). Retrieved November 21, 2016, from http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/aba/subpart79-18.htm#79182BCBA Requirements. (1998, 2016). Retrieved November 21, 2016, from http://bcba.com/bcba-requirements/

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