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unit 9 discussion

Monique is a 22-year-old woman who was admitted to the emergency room after overdosing on heroin. She was admitted to the local detox clinic where you work. She reports using heroin for the past 2 years. Previously, she was taking oxy-codone which was prescribed to her to manage her pain from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. While meeting with you, she expresses her fear of the pain and believes there is no way she will stay clean when the pain returns. Monique dropped out of college 2 years ago and has not seen her family since. She has been unable to maintain a job and has resorted to prostitution to earn enough money to buy her drugs.Provide a diagnosis with justification based on Monique’s case.Select the appropriate psychopharmacological treatment for Monique include side effects and issues related to this medication.Create and justify a plan of treatment and include how you would use an integrated multidisciplinary team for Monique.

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